Are you not sure if you have the right IT supporting infrastructure for your organization to grow? We can help.

Our engineers are skilled in evaluating the current state of your IT infrastructure.  We can help you:

We evaluate:

Together we provide a complete view of your IT infrastructure and how you can capitalize on your existing investment while meeting your growth needs.

We are able to provide this capability quickly and efficiently by using small teams (3-4 people) of senior engineers that are experts in IT infrastructure, systems architecture, capacity planning, and performance engineering.  Most infrastructure evaluation projects are accomplished quickly, in as little as two to three months. The speed with which we can conduct the evaluation is directly related to the amount of information that your IT staff can provide versus what we must collect ourselves.

We work with Microsoft Windows and Unix on servers, and mainframes such as IBM and Unisys.


We can help you be careful in your planning, to avoid undesired side effects and build on a concrete foundation.