We are actively and aggressively seeking the best of the best in Information Technology.

Q. How can you pay me so much, and still give your customers competitive rates?
A. Low overhead and thin profit margins.  While some companies mark up 50%, we usually mark up 10-15%. The difference is split between you (the consultant) and the customer, so everybody wins (except our competitors). You get paid more, the customer gets charged less.

Specific skilled people are needed immediately in the areas of:

This includes all business areas:

Applied Computer Engineering pays much higher than competing consulting firms because we only hire the very best in their field.  If you are a key person on your project or a leader in your field, send us your resume' for consideration.  Come get paid what you are really worth.

Most positions require at least a 4-year degree (preferably in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Electrical Engineering).

Send your resume to: employment